Other Services

Young Driver Awareness Courses

Government statistics show that this group of drivers is increasingly vulnerable in the first couple of years after passing their driving test. CATAL Interventions offer bespoke training courses for young drivers and those who have not yet passed their driving test with the aim to raise their awareness of the dangers within the driving environment from a human factors perspective, areas addressed are Alcohol and Drugs, Distraction, Speed, Fatigue and Human Error.  

Coaching Services

This process can include or not the use of the MBTI Instrument to identify type preference. This can also be focussed on an individual’s needs or widened to encompass group or team functioning. Our experienced staff will support and work with you to ensure maximum benefit from this process.

Criminal Law

CATAL Interventions have a vast amount of experience in training investigators and persons from Police to charity workers in areas as diverse as Theft, Corporate Homicide to Stalking and Domestic Abuse. Our fully qualified trainers can develop programmes or interventions to suit your individual or corporate needs.

Investigation Services

Our staff have extensive experience in both investigating and reviewing of matters that are linked to Criminal or Road Collision issues at any level and are totally discreet. They are fully cognisant of all legal requirements for both criminal and civil matters.



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